NvN E4 Deadzone Review

deadzone-logoOn this 4th episode of Newb vs Noob we take a look at Deadzone by Mantic games. From the Mantic site:

Deploy elite Enforcers to mercilessly hunt down the rampaging Plague army as it surges ceaselessly towards total contamination; Oversee the ransacking of abandoned districts by the hulking Marauders as the terrifying Veer-Myn single-mindedly set about bolstering their own numbers; Plunder natural resources with the tech-heavy Forge Fathers as the eclectic Rebs scavenge for discarded gear, or simply scheme in secret as the mysterious Asterians pursue goals known only to themselves. As your collection grows, where will your loyalty lie?

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Hosts: Adam, Bryan and Josh

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Theme music is Warriors Fall (Original RumbleStep Mix) by cdk (c) 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Darryl J

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