NvN E4 Deadzone Review

On this 4th episode of Newb vs Noob we take a look at Deadzone by Mantic games. From the Mantic site: Deploy elite Enforcers to mercilessly hunt down the rampaging […]


On this 2nd episode of Newb vs Noob we review the Victorian-Steampunk-Necro-Horror-Western 32mm skirmish game of Malifaux Second Edition.


Malifaux Second Edition is a solid game with a unique core mechanic that is easy learn. Even though the core mechanics of the game are quite elegant, every model has it’s own unique rules that can model interaction quite complex. The miniatures used by the game are some of the most dynamic, interesting, and complicated sculpts available today. That said, they can be difficult to assemble because of multiple fiddly bits on every model. The books are in line in terms of quality and organization with other major table top war games. The game requires multiple markers and templates that are not produced by Wyrd Games. New players should expect to spend around $100 getting into the game, assuming that they purchase enough models for standard size game, rules manual, and a fate deck. Ultimately we think that Malifaux is a good game, but one that puts up multiple barriers of entry for new players.


Malifaux Second Edition Review
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