About Us

Newb vs Noob is a tabletop wargaming podcast where we delve into the world of wargaming from the latest and greatest releases on the shelves of your local gaming store to the most infamous and obscure titles hiding in the dark corners of the internet.

Our Hosts


CameraZOOM-20160430151707970Our technical director and show moderator. Adam’s brother.

Favorite Games: Gruntz 15mm, Malifaux



AMaxCo-host and contributor. Josh’s brother.

Favorite Games: Gruntz 15mm, Heavy Gear



BWadeCo-host and contributor. Bryan is also a Pathfinder for Mantic Games and can be found at Adepticon and GenCon from time to time. He is willing to give most any game a try and has an extensive collection of rule books, but he has not played many of them. He hopes to fix that. He still calls Adam and Josh (or is it Josh and Adam) by each others names from time to time. It’s only been 15 years… or more.

Favorite Games: Deadzone

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